News about the project.

Follow @altcoinfaucet on Twitter is shutting down

Hello people,

I have really really bad news for you: As of now is shutting down.

Wait, what?

Yeah, that's right. I'm going to cease all ressources used for this project. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but here are some arguments:

  • The altcoin hype is going downhill (or I probably lost interest in it)
  • A lot of coins being abandoned, thus making trouble with stuck payments, empty faucets, absent devs,...
  • No time to work on the project anymore
  • Running at a loss, because fees/donations aren't paid consistenly to cover all costs
  • Altcoin daemons saturating my server's resources which are needed for new/other projects

The project started about a year ago and it was really cool to be part of the altcoin movement, supporting all kind of coins. At best times, we hosted more than 45 different faucets, dripping 24/7.

Give me numbers!

For all people loving numbers, here are some great statistics about this project:

  • Project online for more than 12 months
  • Used by more than 7000 people per day at best times.
  • Traffic rank of < 150,000 by at best times.
  • More than 45 faucets hosted at best times.
  • Dripping over 580,000 times (~1.1 per minute)
  • Initiating over 145,000 transactions (~0.2 per minute)
  • Sending out over 19,600,000 different coins to over 28,000 different addresses (~37.29 per minute)

All that I can say is: WOW, thank you so much!


Answering some questions which may be in your head right now. Feel free to send an email to contact [A-T] for further answers.

Will you send out remaining coins?

No. I mean, I'd really love to send out the remaining coins to everyone. But you've probably earned enough free coins from this service and it would be way too much stress for me.

I'm sorry.

Will the website be back soon?

The domain had been renewed for another year in february or so, so I won't give it up too soon. I'm not sure what the future will bring, but with a bit of luck may be online again some day.
And if it comes back, it would be a complete rewrite of the current sourcecode.
But don't take that as a promise.

Will you sell the sourcecode?

I had a dozen of requests during the last year. However, the website's sourcecode is highlighy specialised and I can't expect to set it up/use it properly of someone without the need of further assistance by me.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

So the answer to this question is: No, I won't sell the sourcecode!

Will you return hosting fees/coins to the dev?

Sure. This isn't a scam or something. If you're a dev and you want your coins / hosting fees back, please send me an email to contact [A-T] with the following information:

  • Bitcoin/Litecoin address (depends with what you've paid)
  • Altcoin address to sent the remaining coins to

I'll calculate the refund based on the last payment and the remaining hosting time.

Please note that this offer is only valid until the first of july. After that I'll either randomly give away the coins or just delete the wallet.

~ Team